Fayette County History & Genealogy

History of Fayette County

From R. S. Dills' History of Fayette County


The following original members enlisted May 2, 1864
T. F. Parrett. captain,
J. F. Robinson, 2d lieutenant,
J. M. Creamer, sergeant,
N. B. Parrett, sergeant,
Rayburn Kirk, corporal,
Jacob Grooves, corporal,
L. E. Parrett, corporal,
Milton Miller, corporal.
Able Armstrong, private,
Henry Brothwait, private,
J, R. Brody, private,
J. S. Chindince, private,
M. C. Creamer, private,
C. A. Chany, private,
M. Coin, private,
J. W. Eddies, private,
J. B. Font, private,
A. W. Graham, private,
C. W. Godfrey, private,
Jonas Geer, private,
George Hynes, private,
Jacob Heavener, private,
Enoch Jeffries, private,
Harvey Kimball, private,
Robert Muckey, private,
J. S. Mills, private,
C. S. McMillan, private,
A. L. Reed, private,
John Reerdon, private,
Israel Rotruck, private,
William Smith, private,
Henry Shoemaker, private,
John Shoemaker, private,
J. F. Seaton, private,
F. B. Taylor, private.
A. H. James, 1st lieutenant,
J. Browning, sergeant,
Thomas McGee, sergeant,
Jesse Hayler, sergeant,
J. A. Parrett, sr., corporal,
Elijah Shoemaker, corporal,
E. Thornton, corporal,
J. M. Allen, corporal,
G. L. Bush, private,
Timothy Borgin, private,
George Chindince, private,
M. S. Creamer, private,
W. P. Chany, private,
J. W. Chany, private,
Wesley Cox, private,
G. W. Elliot, private,
Smith Gray, private,
W. S. Glaze, private,
O. G. W. Gordon, private,
J. C. Hays, private,
John Hamilton, private,
W. F. Howard, private,
D. R. Jacobs, private,
J. W. Miller, private,
George McDaniel, private,
F. A. Moreland, private,
J. A. Parrett, jr., private,
William Reed, private,
Alexander Rodger, private,
J. J. Rowel, private,
Austin Sanders, private,
Jasper Shoemaker, private,
John Sheley, private,
David Taylor, private,
Moses Thomas, private.
Joseph Thompson, private,
John Ulmer, private,
G. W. Weimer, private,
L. W. White, private,
L. P. Adkins, private,
Leander Smith, private,
William Stoughton, private,
George Taylor, private,
Jacob Ulmer, private,
Daniel Weimer, private,
J. S. Whitcomb, private,
M. H. Wright, private,
W. W. Blandin, private,
R. A. Wallace, private,

The following original members enlisted May 1, 1864:
William H. Hogue, captain,
John L. Barnes, 2d lieutenant,
Henry C. Winner, sergeant,
John M. Smith, sergeant,
Jackson Powell corporal,
Charles P. Smith, corporal,
William H. Steele, corporal,
Jacob Smith, corporal,
William Armstrout, private,
John J. Blair, private,
Wesley Bryan, private,
Thomas Coil, jr., private,
Thomas Coil, sr., private,
Jacob A. Coffee, private,
Jehu Doane, private,
Russell B. Dobbins, private,
Isaac Eslack, private,
Jacob Fannon, private,
Andrew J. Ginkins, private,
Jacob M. Gray, private,
Allen Hartman, private,
James Hixon, private,
Harmon Jacks, private,
Harvey Jacks, private,
Henry C. Johnson, private,
Elam Kittle, private,
John Kellernan, private,
Thomas Lambert, private,
Jacob Mees, private,
Ichabod Meade, private,
Enoch Mann, private.
Samuel Ayres, 1st lieutenant,
Daniel L. Robey, sergeant,
William F, Hill, sergeant,
Thomas Riley, sergeant,
Hiram G. Duff, corporal,
Walter Bush, corporal,
Allen Latham, corporal,
Joseph Blaser, corporal,
Isaac W. Bennett, private,
Robert H. Blair, private,
John H. Boughn, private,
Isaac Constant, private,
James G. Coil, private,
George Devolt, private,
Harvey T. Duff, private,
George W. Elbe, private,
Andrew Fannon, private,
Bartholomew D. Fuel, private,
Daniel Glaze, private,
Joshua Haines, private,
John J. Horney, private,
Robert R. Henderson, private,
David H. Jacks, private,
Robert Johnson, private,
John Keller, private,
John Kittle, private,
Bela Latham, private,
Smith Lambert, private,
Alfred H. Mark, private,
John McDonah, private,
William Peggs, private,
John Perdom, private,
William H. Rupert, private,
Jeremiah Rice, private,
Robert C. Spurlock, private,
Isaac Shockey, private,
Wells B. Sellers, private,
Joseph Tobin, private,
Henry Tobin, private,
James Willis, private,
Moses Wright, private,
John Zortman, private,
John W. Davis, private,
Madison Tobin, private,
George Rupert, private,
Robert Rice, private,
William A. Rankin, private,
William A. Smith, private,
Lewis S. Smith, private,
Isaac Teter, private,
Jacob Tobin, private,
Samuel Willis, private,
Harvey Williams, private,
David Yarger, private,
Samuel Bennett, private,
J. W. Stewart, private,

Louis Painter, captain,
Cyrus Ellis, 2d lieutenant,
William P. Iron, sergeant,
Joseph Benham, sergeant,
S. W. Smith, corporal,
Calvin Ellis, corporal,
T. G. McElroy, corporal,
T. H. Dewees, corporal,
Samuel C. Adams, private,
William M. Breakfield, private,
Newton Cockerell, private,
William Coffee, private,
R. B. Doster, private,
Clayborn Doster, private,
William Doyle, private,
J. Q. Doster, private,
James Devour, private,
James Devour, private,
Silas Edwards, private,
D. H. Hadley, private,
Joseph A. Johnson, private,
N. A. Jones, private,
Davis Johnson, private,
Austin Jury, private,
G. W. Kinger, private,
John Lloyd, private,
Isaac Merchat, private,
William Orr, 1st lieutenant,
R. J. Yeoman, sergeant,
Edward Cockerell, sergeant,
J. N. Vanpelt, sergeant,
M. K. Ellis, corporal,
John F. Zimmerman, corporal,
Milton Robbins, corporal,
William C. Eyre, corporal,
Ormstead Brady, private,
James E. Bryan, private,
Samuel Crooks, private,
James Cockerell, private,
Miller C. Doster, private,
Louis Doster, private,
Louis Dutton, private,
Henry Doster, private,
H. S. Doster, private,
James E. Ellis, private,
Robert M. Fernon, private,
A. J. Jones, private,
William Johnson, private,
Henry Johnson, private,
Isaac M. Johnson, private,
Allen Kelley, private,
H. B. Limes, private,
William H. Limes, private,
James M. Murry, private,
Samuel McDonnell, private,
Nelson Post, private,
N. L. Phillips, private,
Watson D. Smith, private,
Josephus Smith, private,
Jabez Smith, private,
Aaron Todhunter, private,
J. C. Templeton, private,
M. D. Wells, private,
George N. Hampton, private,
Jonathan Jones, private,
Robert H. Blair, private,
John W. Mark, private,
Harmanus Davis, private,
Francis Nickerson, private,
Strawder Pridy, private,
H. Spumse, private,
J. J. Smith, private,
John Kinzer, private,
A. W. Johnson, private,
William H. Doyle, private,
Charles Painter, private,
John A. Pine, private,
P. W. Smith, private,
Leander Smith, private,
James Smith, private,
Samuel Sollars, private,
J. B. Templeton, private,
Joseph Wain, private,
Bernard Walters, private,
James Kennady, private,
William Brown, private,
Manassah Bonar, private,
William Chaffout, private,
Setol H. Scott Davis, private,
Hugh Pernell, private,
Levi Smith, private,
Charles Turner, private,
C. H. Johnson, private.
Wells B. Sollars, private,
James Holmes, private.

The following original members enlisted May 2, 1864:
Ephraim Henkle, captain,
Samuel Mark, 2d lieutenant,
Zebulon Smith, sergeant,
I. N. Mark, sergeant,
Hiram Wagoner, corporal,
Jacob Parrott, corporal,
Daniel Peterson, corporal,
Elisha Burnett, corporal,
John S. Bush, private,
Albert Bryan, private,
S. W. Henkle, private,
Milton Hire, private,
Jesse Peterson, private,
George Sever, private,
W. H. Shoop, private,
L. B. Arnold, private,
Abraham Goddard, 1st lieutenant,
Edward Cline, sergeant,
Charles Snook, sergeant,
Jefferson Moberly, sergeant,
H. B. Arnold, corporal,
D. C. Bush, corporal,
Andrew Cline, corporal,
Nathan B. Johnson, corporal,
H. L. Bush, private,
Jesse Burnett, private,
C. W. Hire, private,
J. W. Mark, private,
Robert Parkison, private,
W. W. Shoop, private,
David Taper, private,
John Armstrong, private.
Albert Andro, private,
M. P. Bush, private,
Adam Blazer, private,
P. E. Brown, private,
J. W. Credit, private,
Richard Draper, private,
Henry Faushier, private,
James Faushier, private,
Sampson Gordon, private,
Andrew Harrison, private,
Samuel Henderson, private.
Fielding Kurtis, private,
A. Thomas Lacy (D), private,
J. W. Milbern, private,
Henry Parkison, private,
George Enoch Paugh, private,
B. W. Ross, private,
George Smith, private,
James Sparger, private,
William Shelton, private,
John T. Taylor, private,
Daniel Tupes, private,
Jeremiah Wood, private,
Jacob Williams, private,
Anderson Hire, private,
J. W. Newlin, private,
William Upp, private,
Andrew Pummill, private,
Wesley Dye, private,
B. F. Bush, private,
E. H. Baughn, private,
G. W. Brown, private,
L. J. Bower, private,
Philip Carr, private,
Milton Depoy, private,
Granville Freeman, private,
Richard Gordon, private,
C. W. Henkle, private,
G. W. Henderson, private,
David Honlin, private,
Abraham Kizer, private,
Peter Moore, private,
John Mason, private,
Henderson Paul, private,
Charles Patton, private,
Franklin Rowe, private,
John M. Smith, private,
William C. Schmidt, private,
John Tudor, private,
Robert Tudor, private,
Charles Williams, private,
Benjamin Webb, private,
Howard Williamson, private,
Austin Bush, private,
N. J. Upp, private,
C. W. Ault, private,
J. W. Pummill, private,
Henry H. Moon, private.

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