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History of Fayette County

From R. S. Dills' History of Fayette County



The Second Baptist Church of Washington C. H. was organized June 12, 1855, by Elder George W. Bryant, with three members: Jordan Kelly, James L. Thornton, and Boswell Kelly. Jacob Emmons, a licensed preacher, was called as a supply, and preached for them until the year 1858, when Elder A. Carter was called to the pastorate. In the latter part of 1858 he departed this life in full triumph of the faith. He was succeeded by Elder R. Allen, who continued in charge of the church till 1860, when he was succeeded by Elder A. Pratt, who continued pastor till 1866. He was succeeded by Elder H. Cox.

Up to the year 1867 there had been no special revival of religion, but the church had gradually grown from three members to thirty.

In the winter of 1867, under the administration of Elder Cox, an interesting revival took place, and thirty persons were added to the church. Elder Cox remained pastor till 1872, when he was succeeded by Elder John Powell, who remained pastor till some time in the year 1875. Elder Powell was succeeded by W. A. Meridith, a licensed preacher, who was ordained in 1875, and remained pastor till about the year 1877. During his pastorate a very interesting revival was held, which resulted in the addition of twenty-seven members to the church. Elder Meridith was succeeded by Elder Benjamin Smith, who took charge of the church in 1878, and remained pastor till June, 1879, when he was succeeded by Elder E. M. Marion, in September, who is the present incumbent.

On the first of January, 1880, a revival of religion was begun, and resulted in fifty additions to the church ; making in all about one hundred and sixty members who have been received into the fellowship of the church. The present membership is about one hundred and ten.

In the year 1857, the church purchased a lot on North Street, opposite the Central School building, and built a frame house, in which they held services till about the year 1868, when the old house wa torn down, and a brick building erected, costing about two thousand five hundred dollars.

For Church Covenant, see First Baptist Church.

There has been a Sabbath-school connected with the church since the year 1858.

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