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History of Fayette County

From R. S. Dills' History of Fayette County


The organization of this company took place at the court house, Friday evening, September 20, 1872. W. G. Gould was made temporary chairman of the meeting, and C. J. Bell, secretary. An election of officers was held, which resulted as follows:

President, E. B. Updegrove; vice president, A. Black; secretary, F. D. Bradley; treasurer, A. Hamilton; foreman of engine department, H. K. Lidy; assistant foreman of engine department, James Calkins; foreman of hose department, A. J. Jennings; assistant foreman of hose department, Z. T. Johnson; foreman of hook and ladder department, William Deson; assistant foreman of hook and ladder company, William Hettesheimer. The roll book shows one hundred and ninety-two signers to the constitution.

October 11, 1872, the following uniforms were adopted: Round top hat of heavy leather, flannel shirt, and black leather belt.

November 4, 1872, the city was divided into four fire wards; Court Street being the dividing line. The first ward composed of that portion of the city lying north of Court Street and east of Fayette; the second ward consisted of the territory lying north of Court and west of Fayette; the third occupied that part of the city lying south of Court and west of Fayette; and the fourth comprised the remainder of the corporation lying south of Court and east of Fayette.

At the same meeting the president was authorized to order trumpets for the use of the foreman of each department. Compensation of steward was temporarily fixed at seventy-five dollars per annum, and it was resolved that honorary memhers would be admitted to the company by the applicant paying five dollars into the treasury.

November 18, 1872, the following uniform was adopted: Engine department, red shirts trimmed in blue; hook and ladder department, blue shirt trimmed in red; hose department, red shirt trimmed in buff,

December 2, 1872, the office of foreman of hose department was declared vacant.

January 6, 1873, A. J. Jennings was re-elected foreman of hose department. At the same meeting, it was resolved that the fire company give a ball at Fireman's Hall, February 21, 1873,

January 21, 1873, Chillicothe band was engaged at thirty-eight dollars, and expenses, to play at the ball.

February 6, 1873, company met to make arrangements to attend in a body the funeral of brother firemen, James T. Gould. Also resolutions of respect to the deceased brother and condolence to the family were passed, and sent to the bereaved friends.

March 30, 1873, John Miser, treasurer of dance committee, reported the following: Receipts, $120.25; expenses, $99.75; profit, $20.50,

April 7, 1873, A. J. Jennings, foreman of hose department, resigned.

May 5, 1873, apparatus taken out and company drilled one-half hour. At the same meeting, J. W. Duffee was elected foreman of hose department by acclamation.

July 8, 1873, the Sabbath-schools of West Lancaster and Staunton, were awarded mottoes from the fire company for their attendance at the celebration of the fourth—the presentation being made by W, C. Gould. In return for this the Staunton school gave the fire company a picnic.

December 1, 1873, it was decided to hold a fair at the hall during the holidays. The following committee was appointed to solicit subscriptions to the enterprise in the city proper: A. Hamilton, George Ely, George Miles, G. W. Gossard, John Bentz, and W. C. Gould. J. P. Wyott was selected as a committee of one to solicit aid in that clelectable part of the town, known then by the euphonious title of " Bulltail."

June 1, 1874, it was resolved to celebrate the Fourth of July in an appropriate manner. At the same meeting, A. Hamilton resigned as treasurer and F. D.Bradley was elected by acclamation to fill the vacancy.

January 4, 1875, company requested council to provide steam fire engine in place of the Babcock engine in use till then by the department, which was granted by the council.

January 25, 1875, special meeting was called to make arrangements to attend the funeral of brother M. Blanchard. A committee of three, consisting of C. A. Palmer, Samuel W. Stuckey, and A. W. Black, was appointed to draft resolutions appropriate to the memory of the deceased brother.

April 5, 1875, services of steward and office engineer inaugurated.

A ball was given by the company at their hall, February 22, 1876.

March 1, 1876, treasurer reported #22.92 net profits from the ball the total receipts being $65.10; and expenses $44.18.

March 13, 1876, Samuel W. Stuckey, treasurer, made the following financial report.

Cash Receipts.

November 1, 1875, from F. D. Bradley, ex-treas., $79.49
December 11, 1875, " E. B. Updegrove, $75.00
March 11, 1876, from E. B. Updegrove, and committee on dance, 20.00—$174.49


November 2, 1875, to J. B. Wyott, $5.00
November 6, 1875, to T. Nitterhouse, 18.40
December 11, 1875, to S. N. Yeoman, 22.31
January 3, 1876, to George P. Barnes, $8.00—$53.71
Balance on hand, $120.78

April 12, 1876, department adopted new constitution and by-laws, and one hundred copies of the same were ordered printed for use of the company.

June 11, 1876, met to make arrangements to celebrate the Fourth, but M. Barclay stated that the citizens desired to celebrate the day in the old fashioned way, and that the company was requested not to turn out as an organization.

July 11, 1876, motion to disband company lost. At the same meeting the following resolutions were passed :

Whereas, It appears that it is distasteful, or obnoxious to many of the citizens of Washington, that card playing is permitted in the engine house; and believing as we do, that it is the duty of every good citizen to observe a due and proper respect for the opinions of others; therefore, be it

Resolved by this company, that no more card playing be allowed in the engine house, nor on the premises thereof.

September 1, 1876, the department in full uniform attended the funeral of Captain Samuel W. Stuekey, late treasurer of the company.

December 4, 1876, it was decided to give a free ball, to which a limited number of tickets were issued to the members of the company and the municipal officers of the city.

January 3, 1877, decided to hold a ball February 22, 1877.

March 5, 1877, treasurer reported $4.30 net receipts from the dance.

June 4, 1877, it was decided to purchase new uniforms, and committee appointed to select the same. At same meeting it was agreed to celebrate the Fourth in appropriate manner. Also, official seal was changed from " Reliance Fire Department" to Washington department.

June 18, 1877, Wittrock & Co., of Cincinnati, were awarded the contract of manufacturing five dozen pair of pants, at five dollars per pair, for the members of the department.

July 31, 1877, special meeting held, and arrangements made to attend the funeral of J. W. Cleveland at 3 o'clock p. m., on 1st of August.

August 1, 1877, resolutions of respect to memory of Cleveland, and condolence to the bereaved relatives were passed.

December 3, 1877, committee appointed to procure one copy daily of the Cincinnati Enquirer, and weekly copies of the Burlington Hawkeye and Detroit Free Press, to be kept in the engine house for the use of the members of the department.

December 14, 1877, special meeting, to arrange to attend the funeral of brother M. Blackmore. Resolutions of respect, etc., passed.

January 6, 1879, a vote of thanks was taken to J. B. Hudson, for a beautiful clock preseuted to the company by that gentleman. At same meeting, a literary society was formed within the ranks of fire department.

May 11, 1879, E. B. Updegrove, who had served as chief of the company since its organization, tendered his resignation of that office, which was accepted, and J. B. Colier and Bowman Hess were appointed to till vacancy.

May 22, 1879, special meeting to make arrangements to attend the funeral of C. C. Larrimer. Resolutions of respect to deceased brother passed.

June 2, 1879, Bowman Iless was elected to fill the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of E. B. Updegrove.

July 5, 1880, Captain E. B. Updegrove, after serving as a member of the department eight years, six years as its chief, tendered his resignation as a member of the company, which was not accepted.

December 6, 1880, it was agreed to hold a fair during the holidays.

March 7, 1881, Captain E. B. Updegrove, on account of impaired health resulting from wounds received in the services of his country in the late war, requested his name dropped from the company, whioh was finally agreed to.

April 13, 1881, at a special meeting, Mr. Fuller stated that he had raised from the citizens of Washington Court House, the sum of $148.25, to which he added his individual check for $25.00, making in all $173.25, which he presented to the fire company for its excellent services during the recent series of fires. Donation accepted with tlianks.

May 2, 1881, it was decided to observe the Fourth in an appropriate manner.

List of officials since organization of the company with date of election :

September 20, 1872, president, F. B. Updegrove; vice president, F. D. Bradley; treasurer, A. Hamilton.

September 1, 1873, president, E. B. Updegrove; vice president, A. Black; secretary, J. B. Koontz; treasurer, A. Hamilton.

September 7, 1874, president, E. B. Updegrove; vice president, C. A. Palmer; secretary, George P. Barnes; treasurer, Frank D. Bradley.

September 6, 1875, president, E. B. Updegrove; vice president, Hon. I. T. Sever; secretary, George P. Barnes; treasurer, Samuel W. Stuckey.

September 3, 1876, chief, E. B. Updegrove; vice president, William Hettisheimer; secretary, George P. Barnes; treasurer, James M. McCoy.

September 3, 1877, chief, E. B. Updegrove; vice president, J. B. Colier; secretary, George P. Barnes; treasurer, James M. McCoy.

September 3, 1878, chief, E. B. Updegrove; vice president, J. B. Colier; secretary, W. R. Bell; treasurer, J. M. McCoy; engineer, D. M. Thurston.

September 1, 1879, chief, J. B. Colier; vice president, William Hettisheimer; secretary, George P. Barnes; treasurer. Bowman Hess.

September 6, 1880, chief, J. B. Colier; vice president, William Hettisheimer; secretary, W. E. Bell; treasurer, J. B. Koontz.

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