Fayette County History & Genealogy

History of Fayette County

From R. S. Dills' History of Fayette County


The county was originally divided into six townships : Jeft'erson, Green, Wayne, Madison, Paint and Union.
Began at the north part of survey number 1093 on Paint Creek, and followed its present boundary to the northwest corner of Jasper; thence south along the present western boundary of Jasper to the southwest corner of the same; thence east live miles to the northeast corner of Clinton County ; thence northwest to the north part of survey 899, to Sugar Creek; thence with its present boundary to the beginning, including, as will be seen, the principal part of the present territory of Jasper,

Beginning at Henry Snyder's mill on Sugar Creek, thence up said creek with its meanderings to the line of Jeft'erson, northern part survey 899; thence southwest with said line to the northeast corner of Clinton County; thence south with the county line to the southwest corner of Fayette County ; thence east with county line to Lemuel Hand's. Thence to Alexander Beatty's survey 3713; thence north, bearing west to Samuel Edward's, northern part survey 660 ; thence to beginning, including about three-fourths of the present territory of Perry, all of Concord, and about a quarter of Jasper.

It appears that about 1818, Green was reduced in territory by the formation of Concord, whose boundaries we have no means of knowing until March 3, 1828, when its hues are given. Green at that time was limited on the north and west by a line beginning at the mouth of Hankin's Pun, on Sugar Creek, at the lower bend, eastern part survey 626, and running southwest to Samuel Stookey's, a little north and east of Staunton ; thence following very nearly its present limits to the county line.

"When Perry was first formed, it further reduced Green to its present limits, save that portion north of a line extending from near Buena Vista, to the mouth of Sugar Creek, thence up Sugar Creek to Hankin's run, the western portion of which was subsequently— March 8, 1849—joined to Concord, and the eastern to Perry, thus leaving it in its present shape in 1849.

Wayne originally included on the west, all that territory not taken from Green in the formation of Perry, and with her other lines nearly as they are now, except on the southeast corner of Union at the mouth of Sugar, where we infer from the language used, the line followed the creek (Paint)

Madison originally included all the territory now embraced in Madison and Marion until June, 1840, when it was divided, and the southern portion called Marion, and the northern retained the original name.

This also was one of the original townships and has not been altered in its boundaries.

This has preserved its original lines with the exception of a few slight changes near the old Snyder mill, on Sugar, and extending a little farther into Wayne so as to touch the corner of Bernard survey 739, And following the meanderings of Paint Creek above the Brannon farm.

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