Fayette County History & Genealogy

History of Fayette County

From R. S. Dills' History of Fayette County



Previous to the new constitution of 1851, the judiciary consisted of a president judge, and associate judges, which latter, after the new constitution, were called common pleas judges.

1810-1817. John Thompson.
1818. Orris Parish.
1816-1823. John Thompson.
1824-1828. Gustavus Swan.
1829-1833. Frederick Grinke.
1834-1842. John W. Price.
1843-1847. Owen T. Fishback.
1848-1850. George Collings.
1851. Shepard F. Norris.


1810-1816. Henry Snider, William Blackeraore and James Mooney.
1817-1818. Thomas McGarraugh, Batteal Harrison and James Mooney.
1819-1823. Batteal Harrison, James Mooney and Thomas McGarraugh.
1824-1827. Thomas McGarraugh, Wade Loofborrow and Joseph L. Gillespie.
1828-1830. Joseph S. Gillespie, James Carothers and James B. Webster.
1831-1833. James Carothers, James B. Webster and Jacob Jamison.
1834-1842. Jacob Jamison, James Ca'rothers and James Sharp.
1843. Joel S. Bereman, Jacob Jamison and James Carothers.
1844-1846. James Carothers, Jacob Jamison and Daniel McLean.
1847. James Carothers, Daniel McLean and James Manery.
1848-1850. Samnel F. Yeoman, Daniel McLean and James Manery.
1851. James Manery, Daniel McLean and James Beatty.


1852-1854. James S. Bates, Shepard F. Norris and John L. Green.
1855-1850. James L. Bates.
1857. James Sloane.
1858. Alfred S. Dickey and Shepard F. Norris.
1859-1860. Rohert M. Briggs and James L. Bates.
1861. Alfred S. Dickey, James L. Bates and T. Q. Ashburn.
1862-1864. Robert M. Briggs and Alfred S. Dickey.
1865-1868. Alfred S. Dickey.
1869-1871. William H. Stafford and Alfred S. Dickey,
1872. S. F. Steele and W. H. Stafford.
1873. Joseph Olds and S. F. Steele.
1874. T. M. Gray and S. F. Steele.
1875. T. M. Gray and S. W. Courtright.
1876-1877. John Vanmeter and Thadeus R. Minshall.
1878-1879. S. F. Steele and T. R. Minshall.
1880-1881. S. F. Steele and Asa Gregg.


The act of territorial government, creating the office of county commissioners, for counties in the territory northwest of the Ohio River, was adopted from the statutes of Pennsylvania, which were published June 19, 1795. It took effect October 1, 1795. These commissioners were not elected by the people, but were appointed by the justices of the court of general quarter sessions of the peace. This court was established, and so styled, by the territorial government in 1788. It was composed of not less than three, nor more than five, of the justices of the peace in any county, which justices were appointed and commissioned by the governor, under the seal of the territory. Such commissioners were listers of real estate, and they performed many of the duties required of the county commissioners of a later date, but their powers did not extend to the organization of townships. No such board of commissioners was ever appointed in Fayette County; nor was there ever any court of general quarter sessions of the peace held in this county.
By an act of the second general assembly of the State of Ohio, passed Fehruary 14, 1804, the office of county commissioner was created as it stands to-day.
It was impossible to obtain the mames of those who served between 1810 and 1828, by reason of the loss of the records.

1810. Jacob Jamison, James Brooks ami John Harrold.
1828. Thomas Burnett, Jacob Jamison and Mathew Jones.
1829. Jacob Jamison, Mathew Jones and James Woods.
1830. Jacob Jamison, David Creamer and Joseph Parrott.
1831. Samuel Sellars, David Creamer and Joseph Parrott, Jr.
1832-1833. Samuel Sellars, Merit Jamison and John Stilt.
1834, John Stilt, Samuel Sellars and James Kirkpatrick.
1835-1836. Samuel Sellars, James Kirkpatrick and George Mantle.
1837. Samuel Sellars, George Mantle and Isaac Jenkins.
1838. Isaac Jenkins, Merit Jamison and Samuel Sellers.
1839. Merit Jamison, Isaac Jenkins and James Shivers.
1840. Isaac Jenkins, James Shivers and John Hays.
1841. James Jenkins, James Shivers and William Limes.
1842. Isaac Jenkins, William Limes and Isaac L. Cook.
1843. William Limes, Isaac Cook and Joseph B. Creamer.
1844-1846. Isaac Cook, J. B. Creamer and James Shivers.
1847-1848. Isaac L. Cook, J. B. Creamer and Joseph Mark.
1849. Joseph Mark, Isaac L. Cook and Jacob A. Rankin.
1850. Isaac L. Gook, Jacob A. Rankin and Robert Eyre.
1851-1852. Jacob A. Rankin, Robert Eyre and Micajah Draper.
1853. Jacob A. Rankin, Alfred Bruce and Micajah Draper.
1854. Jacob A. Rankin, Alfred Bruce and William Knox.
1855. Alfred Bruce, William Knox and Micajah Draper.
1856. Jacob A. Rankin, Micajah Draper and John H. Parrott, vice Wm. Knox, resigned.
1857. Jacob A. Rankin, Micajah Draper, and Benjamin Burnett.
1858-1859. No record.
1860. Jacob A. Rankin, Thomas B. Thornton, and Micajah Draper.
1861. Jacob A. Rankin, Thomas B. Thornton, and Ira Yeoman.
1862-1863. Ira Yeoman, B. H. Burnett, and Jacob A. Rankin.
1864. No record.
1865. Jacob A. Rankin, B. H. Burnett, and B. F. Thomas.
1866. B. H. Burnett, B. F. Thomas, and William H. Jones.
1867. William H. Jones, Allen Heagler, and William Clark.
1868. Allen Heagler, William Clark, and Enos Reeder.
1869. William Clark, Enos Reeder, and Curran Millikan.
1870. William Clark, Enos Reeder, and George S. Fullerton.
1871. George S. Fullerton, A. C. Johnson, and Abram Bush.
1872. George S. Fullerton, Abram Bush, and E. L. Ford.
1873. Abram Bush, E. L. Ford, and R. S. Sutherland.
1874. Abram Bush,.E. L. Ford, and R. S. Sutherland.
1875. R. S. Sutherland, Abram Bush, and H. Ellis.
1876. R. S. Sutherland, Abram Bush, and H. Ellis.
1877. H. Ellis, R. S. Sutherland, W. J. Horney.
1878-1880. H. Ellis, R. S. Sutherland, and J. Mahan.


1824. Norman F. Jones.
1828-1833. Norman F. Jones.
1833-1841. James Hinton.
1841-1842. Jared Plumb.
1842-1850. James Pursell, vice Jared Plumb, resigned.
1850-1858. Henry Robinson.
1858-1861. John Sanders.
1861-1870. James P. Robinson.
1870-1873. Abel McCandles.
1873-1877. James P. Robinson, vice Abel McCandles resigned.
1877-1880. Thomas J. Lindsey.
1880-1881. James P. Robinson.


1810-1831. Jesse Milliken,
1831-1833. Robert Robinson.
1833-1835. Samuel Millikan, vice Robert Robinson resigned.
1835-1837. Samuel Loofborrow.
1837-1838. Samuel F. Kerr, vice William C. Sexton deceased.
1838-1839. Samuel Loofborrow.
1839-1843. Samuel Millikan.
1843-1853. Nelson Rush.
1853-1861. John Douglass.
1861-1864. N. B. Coons.
1864-1866.Joseph C. Plumb.
1866-1881.Z. W. Header.


1828-1836. Benjamin Hinton.
1836-1839. James Webster.
1839-1850. Z. W. Heagler.
1850-1854. William McElwain.
1854-1857. Jesse Burnett.
1857-1859. Robert Stewart.
1859-1860. William McElwain.
1860-1861. Richard Tarokes.
1861-1862. Joel S. Bereman.
1862-1866. Arthur E. Silcott.
1866-1870. A. C. Johnson.
1870-1872. John W. Sayre.
1872-1876. Eli Craig.
1876-1878. C. Garis.
1878-1881. Eli Craig.


1810-1818. Wade Loofborough. Frequently assisted by John R. Parish
1818-1819. Samuel Buck
1819-1822. Wade Loofborough
1822-1823. Benjamin G. Leonard.
1823-1824. Wade Loofborrough.
1824-1827. Benjamin G. Leonard.
1827-1831. Wade Loofborrough.
1831-1833. H. Phelps
1833-1834. Wade Loofborrough.
1834-1843. Robert Robinson. Colonel S. F. Kerr served sometime between 1837 and 1842, but it is impossible to learn.
1843-1847. Berman Martin.
1847-1852. Nelson Kush.
1852-1854. David M. Jones.
1854-1856. Eobert M. Briggs.
1856-1860. Mills Gardner.
1860-1862. M. Williams.
1862-1864. M. Pavey.
1864-1866. M. Williams.
1866-1868. J. B. Priddy.
1868-1870. H. B. Maynard.
1870-1872. M. Pavey.
1872-1874. Andrew K. Creamer.
1874-1880. Asa Gregg.
1880-1881. Frank Carpenter, present incumbent.


1810-1835. Jesse Millikan.
1835-1842. Joseph Bell, vice Millikan deceased.
1842-1844. Elam Hinton.
1844-1850. Samuel Millikan.
1850-1854. Joel S. Bereman.
1854-1867. Richard Millikan.
1867-1875. Mason Blanchard.
1875-1876. Joseph C. Plumb.
1876-1881. Elmer W. Welsheimer.


1810-1812. Mr. Clark.
1812-1822. Robert Robison resigned, and Norman F. Jones appointed.
1822-1828. Aaron Johnson.
1828-1830. Joseph Bloomer.
1830-1843. William S. Williams.
1843-1844. Robert Cissna.
1844-1848. Joel S. Bereman.
1848-1851. James Vance.
1851-1855. John C. Jones.
1855-1856. William 11. Blakemore.
1856-1861. William Burnett.
1861-1865. William Smith.
1865-1869. James Straley.
1869-1873. Conrad Garis.
1873-1877. John Millikan.
1877-1881. Oswell Smith.
1881. James Cook, present incumbent.


1852-1866. S. F. Kerr.
1856-1865. L. D. Williard.
1865-1868. Manfred Williard.
1868-1871. S. B. Yeoman.
1871-1881. J. B. Priddy, present incumbent.

Owing to the condition of the records of this county, it has been next to impossible to obtain, with any degree of accuracy, the dates of the county officers. We have spent a great deal of time in searching for them, obtained them as nearly as possible, submitted them for revision to those whom we considered the most competent to revise them, and now present them to the public. The loss of the records, and the meager entries made, render accuracy almost impossible. If later investigation throws new light on the subject corrections will appear in errata.

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