Fayette County History & Genealogy

History of Fayette County

From R. S. Dills' History of Fayette County


Original Possessors

Political and Military History


Virginia Military Survey

Early Settlement of the Ohio Valley

Early Surveying

Early Surveyors

First Survey in Fayette county

Numbering of Surveys

First Settlement Upon the Virginia Reservation

Capture of Andrew Ellison

Life In The Woods

Indian Wars

Organization and Boundary

The Pioneer

Old Settlers

Prominent Physicians

Original Townships

Current Townships

Mills And Milling


Race of John Edgington

War of 1812

Batteal Harrison At Fort Meigs

Josiah Hunt

Effects of the War of 1812

The Old Muster

Sharp-Shins or Cut Money

Pioneer Girls

Corn Huskings

Game And Hunters

The Old School House

Early Mails

Pigeon Roosts

The Judiciary


County Infirmary


The Funk Fight

The First Man Sent To The Penitentiary

Execution of William G. W. Smith



Stock Sales

The First Railroad

Fayette County In The Rebellion

Fifty-Fourth Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Ninetieth Ohio Volunteer Infantry

One Hundred and Fourteenth Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Twentieth Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Twenty-Second Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Twenty-Seventh U.S. Colored Infantry

Forty-Fourth Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Forty-Fifth U.S. Colored Regiment

Sixtieth Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Seventy-Third Ohio Volunteer Infantry

One Hundred and Thirteenth Ohio Volunteer Infantry

One Hundered and Twenty-Seventh Ohio Volunteer Infantry

One Hundred and Sixty-Eighth Ohio Volunteer Infantry

One Hundred and Seventy-Fifth Ohio Volunteer Infantry

One Hundred and Eighty-Eighth Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Twelfth Battery Light Artillery

First Regiment Ohio Heavy Artillery

Second Regiment Ohio Heavy Artillery

First Ohio Volunteer Cavalry

Fayette County in the Legislature

Fayette County Officials

Secret Organizations

The Crusade

Other Counties